Custom Home Services

Every homeowner has a different vision or dream as to how his/her new custom home will look when it's completed. For most projects the fine details are often the ones missed by many builders. These details and finishing touches are the key to successfully delivering that dream home to the owner. These unique elements are what separate LBJ Construction from other builders. We understand and believe these special features make the biggest impact with our homeowners. That is why, during the planning phase of construction, homeowners meet with our designers to customize their own dream sheet, down to the finest detail, which paints the picture of their perfect home. There is a difference between cutting costs and cutting corners.

We emphasize direct communication between our clients and our project managers and superintendants. We believe that construction management must be in constant contact with clients in order to make certain that work is flowing smoothly in accordance with client’s wishes. That is why we stress open communication at all times.

Custom Home

LBJ Construction has earned the reputation as the premier builder of luxury and custom homes in Houston. We deliver exceptional craftsmanship on new home construction, whole house renovations and remodels. Our portfolio of projects confirms our commitment to the highest level of craftsmanship, precision, and exceptional service. When working with our homeowners, projects stay on time, on budget, with the greatest level of communication between the homeowner and the LBJ team.

LBJ has built our reputation by producing outstanding results and paying close attention to each detail. We have highly skilled, professional employees working with us, and we make sure that all jobs are done to our client’s full satisfaction. We are committed to “Excellence through Passion” and performance. When we complete your project, it doesn’t just look right, it is right.