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LBJ Handyman Services

LBJ Handyman Services is a division of LBJ Construction that was created at the request of the many homeowners who wanted a reputable company with a knowledgeable staff who they could trust would get the job done. We are that company! We pride ourselves on our quality of work, value and integrity.

Why Choose LBJ Home Services

Here are a few reasons why our clients choose to work with us:
Professional – We are experienced, dependable, and punctual.
Comprehensive Service – We handle all aspects of home repair, maintenance, and minor remodeling; no job is too small or too big.
Quality Products – We have established relationships with vendors who provide superior products.
Skilled Employees – We have been working in the home building industry for many years and are familiar with all the functioning systems within a home.
Accountability – We are fully insured including general liability insurance and workman’s compensation.

Our Process

An LBJ Handyman Specialist will make a site visit to perform an initial diagnostic. Once complete, a cost analysis estimate will be assembled for review. Upon retaining our services, the initial diagnostic fee is credited towards the sum of your project expense.

If at the time of the initial diagnostic we anticipate the project will be more extensive than originally thought, a contract price will be estimated and submitted for approval. Other important information about how we work consists of the following:

(1) Decorative items and hardware, such as door knobs, cabinet pulls, light fixtures, fans, etc., will be supplied by the home owner.
(2) All construction materials such as lumber, plumbing materials, drywall, tape, etc., will be purchased by LBJ Handyman Services and billed to the client upon completion of the project.
(3) All materials purchased by LBJ Handyman Services will have a 20% surcharge to cover time and fuel costs.

Proper and ongoing maintenance is essential for retaining and increasing the value of your home. It is for this reason that LBJ Handyman Services provides you with a helpful preventative home maintenance checklist.

Whether you are in the process of buying a new home or an “it’s new to me” home, or simply want to take care of your existing home; take a minute to use our Home Maintenance Checklist. When you have accurate information about the condition of your home you have the ability to take actions that could reduce the potential for major and unexpected repairs.