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Bunker Hill Village Custom Home

Bunker Hill Village Custom Home

From an Indiana barn to Bunker Hill Village, this custom home has given reclaimed wood an elevated status. Our clients had located a barn in Vincennes, Indiana that they thought would have useful reclaimed barn wood for their new custom home. They contracted Breck Powers, owner of LBJ Construction, to travel to Indiana in November of 2012 and evaluate the feasibility of their endeavor. What Breck found was both promising and exciting for all involved. The goal was to salvage the metal roof, exterior siding and interior beams for use in the new construction. The owner of the barn stated that it was 110 years old and the wood used for its construction had been harvested from the surrounding property and included oak, poplar, hickory, ash and other native trees.

The interior beams were obviously hand hewn oak with mortise and tenon joints. The wood siding was not only of varied wood species but various lengths, widths and thicknesses which would lead to challenging applications in the new home. Some of the siding pieces were 20” wide indicating that they were milled from very large trees which added a more dimensional facet to areas that would be paneled. There would also be special care needed in dealing with this type of wood that had been exposed to the elements and Mother Nature for many years. It was important to the home owners that they be “cleaned” and free of mold and insects.

And so the journey began to marry the 110 year old barn wood to a 21st century home. The barn was de-constructed, the wood and roofing palletized and shipped to our office location. The foundation for our client’s dream home was poured in April of 2013. The owner’s goal was to achieve “Rustic Elegance” with the use of the reclaimed wood. Hand scraped wood floors and stained concrete made up the majority of the first floor creating an appealing contrast with the addition of the barn wood. The beams and trusses from the barn were placed along the 2 story ceiling with support beams running down the length of the wall to the floor. A section of the metal roof founds its way into the living area as an awning from the entry way. Built-ins and shelving were made from the planked material and used in the main living area. One entire wall was paneled in the various siding material and thicker material was used to frame door openings. This siding material was utilized in the master bedroom as well and graced one wall from floor to cathedral ceiling. Stair posts and risers, the back of the kitchen island and the powder bath wall were all home to this unique wood and all its character. The end result is breathtaking and most definitely achieved the goal of Rustic Elegance.


LBJ Construction Video--

"Hi, my name is Breck Powers-- you know I often get approached by people that are considering remodeling or building a custom home and they don't know where to start-- what's my budget? how much is it going to cost? how long will a project take?

We understand this is a major investment and these are important questions. So we at LBJ construction have put together a process that helps make this a little easier for our customers to navigate..."

Montrose Home Gets Facelift While Holding onto History

Reprinted from, April 6, 2012. Article by Emily Moser.

Montrose Houston renovationAs historical homes in Houston age, renovation is inevitable.

As time has moved on, some homebuilders have learned how to modernize these homes while still staying true to the historical footprint of Houston neighborhoods.

“The whole idea of doing remodeling properly is so that when someone who doesn’t know the house when they look at the house from the street now they don’t say, ‘That was an addition,’” said Breck Powers, Principle at LBJ Construction.

A correct remodeling will blend with the existing architectural design of the house to the point where at the end of the day it’s completely transparent and you don’t even know it was an addition. It looks like it was part of the house from day one.

One of LBJ Construction’s most recent projects was a renovation on the home of Michael Miller in the Montrose area. Miller’s home was built in 1926 and was originally a duplex that throughout the years was converted to a residential house. LBJ has worked on several homes from this time frame, which are the oldest homes you will find in the area.

“Although in Houston, keep in mind that whenever you get into the 1920s that’s a very old home for Houston,” he said. Read full story at

Renovation Rebound

Economy, Residential Market Driving More Homeowners to Work with What They Have
Originally published in the October 22, 2010 Houston Business Journal by Casey Wooten, Reporter

kitchen renovationHouston remodelers are finding plenty of work as the still-sluggish real estate market is causing homeowners to think twice before putting their homes on the market. But still, the size of such projects is shrinking. Large-scale expansions are few and far between, replaced by more practical projects that add to the overall value and marketability of the home, industry insiders say.

“We are overwhelmed with renovation projects,” says Kurt Lobpries, founder of Houston-based remodeling company Builders West Inc. “Instead of moving and upgrading to another home, people are deciding to stay where they are and fix something they didn’t like.”

bathroom remodel renovationAdding value
Breck Powers, principal at Houston-based remodeler LBJ Construction LP says customers today are asking for renovations to kitchens and bathrooms, work that holds the most bang for the buck when it comes to adding value to the home. “In bathrooms, people are tending to like a lot of the natural stone tiles, different mosaic tiles and vessel sinks,” he says. “In kitchens, we are seeing a lot of larger ranges, six-burner ranges.”

Wine rooms are also an inexpensive, yet popular addition, says Lobpries.

Another value-added project is installing energy-efficient upgrades to existing homes says Powers. “We’re doing a lot more efficient air conditioners and windows, things to help make the house more comfortable and efficient and might help it sell down the road,” he says.

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The Great Sub Debate

Gain control with employees; lose labor costs with subcontractors
Originally published in Professional Remodeler Magazine, Oct 2002

Professional Remodeler magazineBreck Powers, CGR, GMB, CAPS, of LBJ Construction in Houston and Stuart Petke of Petke Construction in Richmond, Va., run somewhat similar companies. A 7-year-old firm, LBJ specializes in high-end additions and interior remodels, plus the occasional custom house. Sales this year will total $1 million to $1.2 million. Petke Construction, which is 6 years old, also specializes in high-end work, with a focus on renovation and restoration. Sales volume this year will fall between $1.5 million and $2 million.

But there's one big difference between the companies. While Powers subs out virtually all his field work, including much of the carpentry, Petke employs seven people in the field.

The two of them, with Tom Swartz to moderate, hash out the pros and cons... Read more

LBJ Construction Honored as Star Award Winner

Houston remodeling company recognized for “Best Architectural Design over $500,000”
and “Best Interior Design - Multifamily”

October 31, 2011

909 W Main living roomLBJ Construction was awarded two Star Awards in the categories of “Best Architectural Design” and “Best Interior Design - Multifamily.” The awards were presented on October 23, 2011 at a gala at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas.

The coveted Star Awards recognize excellence in the home building industry. In 1992, the Texas Association of Builders launched the Texas Star Awards — the only statewide tribute to excellence in the home building industry. In 2005, this remarkable awards program expanded to include projects throughout the Southwest. The 2011 Star Awards showcased the outstanding work of builders, remodelers, architects, designers, sales professionals, marketing professionals, construction professionals and industry leaders in Texas and the Southwest. Entries were judged by a panel of industry peers, and with more than 100 categories and hundreds of entries, these awards truly represent Texas’ most outstanding building professionals.

909 W Main kitchenLBJ’s award-winning multifamily project was completed in May of 2011. The use of materials such as cedar and natural stone, the unique dimensional features like archways and awnings, and how each unit is distinctive but cohesive within the property are reasons why this job won Best Architectural Design. This venture was an experiment in mixing mediums to formulate a unique design style for each unit and one that suited the neighborhood. Working closely with the developer, designers and vendors afforded LBJ Construction the ability to blend traditional style with new and innovative product, which in turn was awarded for Best Interior Design.

“This award means a great deal,” said Breck Powers, CGR, GMB, CAPS, owner and founder of LBJ Construction. “This project was an exercise in blending the process of building with the personal perspective of design. We share this award with the project contributors who were committed to service and cooperation to produce a quality product.”

About the Texas Association of Builders
Founded in 1946, the Texas Association of Builders is an affiliate of the National Association of Home Builders and has 31 local home builders associations across Texas. With a membership of nearly 10,000 representing 315,000 jobs and $21 billion of the Texas economy, the Texas Association of Builders plays a crucial role in providing housing for Texans.

LBJ Construction Tapped as Houston's Best

Houston remodeler honored for "Best Bathroom Remodel under $50,000"
September 28, 2011

houston's best logo LBJ Construction was awarded a Houston’s Best award in the category of “Best Bathroom Remodeler under $50,000.” The award was presented on September 24, 2011 at a red carpet gala at the Hotel Intercontinental in Houston, Texas.

For more than 30 years, the coveted Houston’s Best Awards (formerly the PRISM Awards) have recognized excellence in the home building industry. Presented by the Greater Houston Builders Association, the Houston’s Best Awards honor builders, remodelers and sales professionals in the categories of People, Product and Promotion. Entries are judged by a panel of industry peers, and with more than 80 categories and hundreds of entries, these awards truly represent Houston’s most outstanding building professionals.

before and after bathroom tubLBJ’s award-winning bathroom was completed in September of 2010. The square footage of the bathroom stayed the same but the master bathroom was completely transformed. Every aspect of the project was carefully designed, thoroughly organized, and flawlessly executed. The master bathroom is luxurious and the end result met the objective and pleased the client beyond words. With the direction of the interior designer Cindy Aplanalp of By Design Interiors, LBJ was able to create a space that is truly unique.

“We are so excited and honored to receive this award,” said Breck Powers, CGR, GMB, CAPS, owner and founder of LBJ Construction. “The goal was to give the clients what they wanted; an exotic retreat that was uniquely theirs. They were not concerned with appeal for the sake of resale; they wanted a design that was different from anything they had ever seen.”

LBJ Construction Joins GHBA Remodelors Council for Annual Charity Project

August 20, 2011

Breck Powers and Leslie King at SIREOn Saturday, August 20, 2011 members from the Greater Houston Builders Association (GHBA) Remodelers Council (RMC), led by Breck Powers of LBJ Construction, helped the Hockley SIRE facility by doing a major renovation of the education buildings that will allow them to expand their instructor education and training efforts. It’s the vision of SIRE’s Therapeutic Equestrian Centers to provide the highest quality therapeutic horseback riding and related activities to all those who can benefit.

SIRE projectThe one-day project provided improvements on two buildings and included new window installation, new floors, new paint interior/exterior, new ceiling tiles, new A/C and replacing the fluorescent lighting to LED lighting. Many of the materials were donated at cost by GHBA members.

“Our classrooms can be just as important as our horse arenas in enriching the lives of the children and adults we work with everyday,” said Pat Roddy, SIRE managing director. “People from all across the United States and many other countries will come to SIRE to be trained and certified as Therapeutic Riding Instructors, taking their skill and knowledge home with them. This allows SIRE to make an impact on the quality of life for people with disabilities far beyond our local community.”

ABOUT SIRE: SIRE is a facility that improves the quality of life of clients with disabilities through therapeutic horseback riding and related activities. SIRE’s services also positively affect the families of clients, volunteers and staff members. The program is fundamental to successful physical, scholastic, social and psychological therapy. SIRE, a 501(c)3 organization, is a rehabilitation charity that utilizes therapeutic equestrian riding to help disabled children, adults and wounded military veterans. Working with donated horses and largely volunteer staffing, SIRE helps nearly 200 disabled folks each week in the Houston area.

KohlerKohler —A Lesson in Quality

August 8, 2011

LBJ Construction is committed to providing its clients with the most innovative and stylish products the industry has to offer. Company president, Breck Powers, CGR, GMB, CAPS, attended a Kohler “Industry in Action” event in July. As a guest of Bath & Kitchen Showplace, one of LBJ’s Industry Partners, Breck was given the opportunity to discover what makes Kohler Co. so unique.

Kohler tubThe company's founder, John Michael Kohler, was an Austrian immigrant, a businessman and a visionary. Eager to make a name for himself, Kohler purchased a cast iron and steel foundry in Sheboygan, Wisconsin in 1873, and settled into life on the shores of Lake Michigan. That might have been the end of the story, with John Michael fading gently into obscurity. Instead, he made the fateful decision one day to coat an iron hog scalder with enamel and market it as a bathtub.

The bathtub was an instant hit and a new, exciting business was born. From those humble beginnings, the company has grown beyond what John Michael might have ever imagined, and his name has become synonymous with quality and originality.

As a source of inspiration for more than 150,000 consumers, builders, architects and designers each year, the Kohler Design Center, with its three levels, is a curious mix of past, present and future.

The Kohler Design Center is a three-level showcase of innovative product design and technology, creative achievement and American history. A fusion of old and new, the space offers a comprehensive representation of Kohler Co.'s state-of-the-art products and stunning examples of the company's contributions to gracious living and interior design.

“I was very impressed with the quality of the Kohler product as well as the company history.  It is a true American manufacturing icon,”says LBJ President Breck Powers. “The Kohler employees also took time to ask us what they could do better, and I really felt they were listening.”


LBJ Construction Wins GuildQuality’s 2011 Guildmaster Award

June 6, 2011

guildmasters awardLBJ Construction, L.P., a leading homebuilder and remodeler in Houston, Texas, announced today that the company has been awarded a 2011 Guildmaster Award for exceptional customer satisfaction. LBJ Construction was one of 163 home builders, remodelers, developers and contractors throughout North America recognized for their superlative performance.

“We are so honored to be recognized by Guildmaster,” says Breck Powers, LBJ president. “Our goal is to provide a customer service experience like no other, and we would like to thank all of our clients who helped us acheive this distinction.”

About GuildQuality: North America’s best builders, remodelers, contractors and real estate developers rely on GuildQuality’s customer satisfaction surveying to help them monitor and improve the quality of their service. Once a year, GuildQuality recognizes exceptional customer service with the Guildmaster Awards. Visit the GuildQuality website to see information about all 2011 Award Winners and read about the award qualifications.


2011 NAHB Green Building Conference2011 National Green Building Conference & Expo

May 2, 2011

LBJ Construction is committed to providing its customers with the best green technology and building science the industry has to offer. Company president, Breck Powers, CGR, GMB, CAPS, recently attended the 2011 National Green Building Conference & Expo, which provides access to the newest principles and trends of green building. Well-known experts included keynote speaker Mike Holmes, host of Holmes on Homes™ and Holmes Inspection on HGTV. Attendees were also able to interact with industry professionals and peers during education sessions, and see these principles applied during the Green Building & Technology Tour.

“We strive to stay ahead of the green curve,” says Powers. “Green technology not only helps lighten our homes' footprint, it saves our customers money. Green products require less overall maintenance, and can significantly reduce utility bills. LBJ remains committed to offering the very best in environmentally-friendly building science for our customers.”


Remodelers AdvantageLBJ Joins Remodelers Advantage

April 27, 2011

LBJ Construction recently announced that the company joined Remodelers Advantage. Remodelers Advantage is the remodeling industry's most comprehensive community and support organization for remodeling business owners dedicated to improving company performance and quality of life.

“As remodelers, one of our best resources is the expertise of our fellow remodelers,” says Breck Powers, LBJ Construction president. “We look forward to gaining access to top industry experts, and sharing competitive secrets and time-saving tactics to help our business grow.”


Checklist for Hiring a Builder or Remodeler
December 9, 2010

Avoid potential problems by doing your homework! Use this checklist to help you select a builder or remodeler.

Does the builder or remodeler have a permanent business location and a good reputation with banks and suppliers? How long have they been in the building business? It usually takes three to five years to establish... read more


Breck Powers presents appreciation awards at the Women's Home HomeAid Houston Project

HomeAid Dedicates Remodel Project
September 15, 2010

Most people take for granted, a room filled with natural light and quality features designed for comfort and relaxation. But the residents of The Women’s Home (TWH) take nothing for granted, and that includes the renovation of the TWH "great room" by HomeAid Houston, a Greater Houston Builders Association charity.

With work completed, the official dedication unveiled the results made possible by dozens of volunteers... read more


kitchenHow Do You Pick the Right Contractor?

July 21, 2010

You may be a do-it-yourself kind of person. However, do you know the permitting process? Will your prospective new home or home improvement project comply with all local building codes? Can you afford your own on-the-job training? Do you have the time, expertise, and money to pay for your own mistakes?

Hopefully, by now you realize you need to hire a professional. Understanding the construction process is the key to hiring a good contractor, and not one of those fly-by-night folks who give the construction industry a bad name. Don't be afraid to do your own sleuthing. Before hiring someone, thoroughly research your project and the contractors you're considering working with. Here are some tips to get you started... read more


Norwegian consulate remodelA Peek Inside

Norway, the Texas Way

The Norwegian consul general's official residence in Tanglewood has been home to many foreign dignitaries over the years, but the essence of its original Texas ranch look endures despite a recent remodeling... read more



Catholic CharitiesGHBA’s Remodelers Council Members Aid Local Charities

November 15, 2009

By: K. Pica Kahn (Houston Chronicle)

Local Houston remodeling professionals recently took a day out of their lived to give something back to the community. With tool belts fasted tightly around their waists, a group of more than 50 remodelers - members of the Greater Houston Builders Association's Remodelors Council - volunteered their time and services... read more


Breck Powers Remodeler 20 clubGroup Dynamic

Remodelor 20 benefits add up to more than 20 members

Nobody else really understands. Their lawyers have no idea. Their accountants try but can't relate. So twice a year these remodelers put their tray tables in the upright position and jet out in search of the only other people who really know what their lives are like: other remodelers. They go to Remodelor 20 club meetings... read more


Breck works on roof at Hope ShelterRemodelers Come to Aid of Shelter for Homeless Boys

May 18, 2008

By: Adrien Strasbourg (Houston Chronicle)

Because there just wasn't enough space last year for a boy in need of a home, he was turned away. Later, alone on the street, the boy died of exposure.

The possibilities of that sad story repeating will be reduced thanks to a group of volunteers from the Remodelers Council of the Greater Houston Builder's Association... read more


Change ordersChange Orders Usually Bring Additional Costs

By: Breck Powers (Houston Chronicle)

In residential remodeling, the term "change order" can make a big difference in a projects success. A change order is additional work that was not included in the original scope of the project and can either be customer driven or contractor driven. A customer-driven change order is a request by the customer to perform additional work. For example, the original scope of work may have included painting one room. During the project, the customer then decides to have the entire house painted... read more